Maui Construction

We are a trade council of the Maui Chamber of Commerce operating as an independent association under the umbrella of their business minded non-profit membership organization. The Construction Industry of Maui Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from across the building community to best represent and promote for our industry. We also have specific committees to guide our specific goals and programs.

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  • Promote best practices within our community
  • Provide information for licensed contractors
  • Quarterly Meetings with the mayor
  • Follow industry legislation and pending impact
  • Request and provide industry testimony when needed


  • Monthly Pau Hana Networking Events
  • Email, Website, Facebook
  • Available for hearing concerns and frustrations.


  • Quarterly training events
    • RRP Lead Renovation Training
    • First Aid/CRP Certification
    • and more to come as needed/as requested
  • Informative Luncheons
    • Legal Awareness (liens, etc)
    • County Partnership
  • Annual ​Home Show

To unify the building community through active advocacy, communication, and education to sustain our industry growth and best practice

Also of great importance to us is to sustain industry growth through mentorship and scholarships for our community students.

Mentorship Program

The Construction Industry of Maui is working with the State D.O.E. and Baldwin High School’s Career Pathways instructors to work with students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades, introducing them to the many career opportunities and the business owners and professionals who live and work on Maui. Our message is one of Encouragement, Hope and Opportunity. Our community needs talented & motivated young adults who will graduate from High School prepared for employment and career opportunities on their island home. By working with the students while they are in school we can show them the hard “academic” and soft “communication / people” skills needed on the pathway to advancement, from basic entry-level, to more advanced skilled levels. Our goal is for the 900 students graduating from the five Maui public schools each year to be better prepared to gain meaningful employment and contribute to our island community. With encouragement from the community and motivated to learn the skills needed while they are still in school.


As the leaders of our industry, the CIM calling is to encourage and shape the future leaders of our industry as our field is facing a shortage of qualified professionals and skilled craft workers.  We believe in the importance of community and see value in the investment of emerging graduates rooted in our local community.  We will be offering a scholarship opportunity for (2) Seniors graduating in the Spring of 2018.  The winners of each scholarship will be selected by the CIM Advisory Board.  Each winner will be invited to the annual CIM Holiday Party for Recognition and Celebration.  Each Scholarship fund will be generated by an initial seed donation from the CIM of $1000 each and supplemented by monetary donations and the Silent Auction proceeds at the CIM Holiday Party.

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