Frequently Asked Questions About CIM

Q: What is the structure of this organization. It appears that CIM will be a Committee or Trade Council of the Chamber?

A: This is true, we will be considered a Trade Council.

Q: If we are a trade council of the Chamber, then who is in-charge of all CIM finances, activities and other related issues that pertains to CIM, as previously done as Maui Contractors Association?

A: CIM is in charge of all of our finances, handled by our board and specifically our treasurer. The CIM portion of the dues, any fundraisers, etc. are managed directly by CIM, in our own account.

Q: Will CIM have a board of directors and officers separate from the Chamber? It appears that CIM members are bounded to abide by the Chamber's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (which is not available for review) and will be contingent on their board of directors approval?

A: CIM will have it's own Advisory Board and will operate independently from the Chamber at all levels (for example, possible supporting different candidates). As long as we aren't being egregious with our responsibilities we will have a lot of freedom and latitude.

Q: Will this partnership be temporary or will CIM eventually become an entity by itself as MCA operated?

A: This partnership will last as long as it makes sense. There is no time table or commitment from either party. The Chamber is giving us an opportunity to get back on our feet, having a structure in place we can utilize to help towards that end. If we feel we need to , as an entity, be by ourselves, we can. We would have to go through the process of establishing our own non-profit with bylaws, etc.

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